Dawn B. Robson


My specialty is strengthening an organization's reputation, building its brand, and enhancing the relationships it has with its internal and external audiences.

Most recently I was the Manager of Communications for Sarasota County, Florida, where I was responsible for print, online, TV, video and social media communications for the county. Before working for government, I spent several years marketing a global financial-services brand, which resulted in my employer's world ranking rising from 12th to fourth in just one year. I've also been the managing editor for a series of newspapers; and managed corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company.

What I enjoy most is finding the “voice” of an organization and its leaders, then using that voice to speak, write and create marketing collaterals on their behalf, so that measurable results are achieved and goals are reached.

No one should work for as long as I have without amassing many skills and racking up many achievements. I've done both. Here’s what my years of experience bring to the table:

  • Exemplary writer and editor
  • Crackerjack change agent, consensus builder and skillful collaborator
  • Totally transparent ghostwriter
  • Reliable midwife to help birth ideas, projects and publications
  • Super-creative director
  • Accomplished public, media and community relations manager
  • Great adapter, who can fit into and communicate in any business culture
  • Highly regarded manager who can build effective teams and inspire their best work
  • An efficiency expert who is particularly skilled at developing and documenting processes and procedures